Hydraulic Balers

Balers can be used for a variety of applications including the baling of cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and siding. These applications commonly include:
-recycling operations
-chain stores
-drug stores
-distribution centers
-department stores
-shopping centers
-manufacturing plants

 We welcome the opportunity to assess your baling needs and to quote you on an appropriate baler model for your recycling requirements. Zampogna, Inc. gives you the choice of purchasing a new bailer or reconditioned baler.


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Philadelphia Tramrail

Model 3400 HD High Density Baler

Tramrail's most popular high density baler producing 1,000 to 1,300 lb. bales of corrugated material. This model will produce dense, heavy bales which reduce the cost of storage space, handling, and transportation while maximizing recycling revenue.

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A Division of Marathon

PC-Auto Tie Baler

Designed for high productivity and ease of use. It has state-of-the-art electronics including Allen-Bradley's MicroLogix 1500 PLC and the Maestro® touch-screen operator interface.
A Division of Marathon

Stealth Baler

The most affordable horizontal baler for OCC on the market. It is specially designed for baling corrugated cardboard and is capable of baling 2-3 tons per hour.

A Division of Marathon

Gemini Baler

Twin-Cylinder, Horizontal Balers, offer versatility in low-to-medium volume recycling applications. The Gemini's specialty is baling a variety of materials (such as newspaper, cardboard, aluminum and steel cans) with no fluffing or preconditioning required. The Gemini-Xtreme is the heavy-duty model designed for more strenuous operations.

Model M-60 LPSS Low Profile Baler

This baler is engineered to produce dense mill-sized bales, despite the fact that it operates under an 8 foot ceiling and requires significantly less floor space that conventional downstroke balers. A shorter cycle time (45 seconds) and flush-to-the-wall design features make this the most efficient downstroke 60 inch baler on the market.

6030 Baler


Marathon's standard V-6030  Vertical Baler has many of the same features as the heavy duty models but with a more economical price! Pressure settings and operating forces are a platen force of 62,200 lbs!


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